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We started Eastern Idaho Tattoo Removal to improve people’s lives by using advanced technology to remove their tattoos.

We are dedicated to using the safest and most effective laser technology on the market with qualified tattoo removal specialists.  This combination of equipment and professional staff allows us to treat all colors of ink with an on-site medical director that is a specialist in healthcare, skincare and laser aesthetics.

Below are a few key questions to ask before choosing a tattoo removal provider:

1. Is the clinic overseen by an on-site medical director?

2. What are the qualifications of the laser tech who performs the tattoo removal treatment and years of experience?

3. Do they actually listen to me and understand what my expectations for removal are?

4. Does the clinic have experience removing a wide range of tattoos?

5. Do they have specialized equipment that can remove tattoos of all shapes, sizes and colors?

Your decision to remove your tattoo is an important one. We understand your commitment and are here to help you throughout the process.